Sidia Bayo pays Tribute to Music Legend Musa Ngum



Statement from The Gambian Independent Candidate on the passing away of The Gambia’s legendary Musician Musa Ngum

My family and I deeply mourn the loss of The Gambia’s legendary Musician Musa Ngum fondly called “Musa Afia Ngum”. The Late Musa Ngum was instrumental and dedicated in keep together the ties between The Gambia and Senegal through his musical lyrics for over two decades. He lived a humble life as a young man till he became of age as a ‘Baye Fall’. His ‘Baye-Fall’ life emanated from him being the follower of Cheikh Ibrahima Fall a disciple of the ever Grand Serigne Ahmadou Bamba of ‘Touba’who founded the ‘Baye Fall’ fraternity in Senegal of which is a branch of the main ‘tariqa’ of Muridism.  When see him, you will see that he lived by and advanced the ideals of ‘muridullah’. I will always be proud of his standing, his steadfast in his beliefs and his strong religious life in general.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his children, family, friends and all Gambians. Let us all take heart!


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