Season’s Greetings From TANGO Gambia


The Board and Management of TANGO wish all its members and the entire civil society in the Gambia a Merry Christmas and Joyous and Constructive New Year 2018! The Board and Management of TANGO wishes to recognize the immense role and contribution that CSOs make to national development over the years and wish to further encourage and commend them for their continued engagement and service to the people of the Gambia.

TANGO rejoices in the great achievement that Gambians registered in the ousting of dictatorship from the country in 2016 in which the Gambian civil society played no lesser role. The steadfast and determined position the Gambian Civil Society took to defend the verdict of the people was indeed an exemplary show of leadership.

TANGO therefore calls on CSOs to continue to demonstrate the same, if not higher level of leadership and diligence in the construction of a New Gambia where not only civil and political rights are protected but also economic and social rights are adequately fulfilled.

In light of this unique leadership and catalytic role of the civil society, TANGO reminds its members to submit their 2017 annual activity and financial reports as required by the TANGO Constitution. The Management of TANGO holds that the building of the New Gambia must rest on transparency and accountability about which CSOs must not only talk and advocate but must also be seen to match words with action and lead by example. As we seek to hold the Government and private sector and society in general to account, CSOs must also be ready to demonstrate the same level of accountability and transparency in their governance and management systems and processes.

TANGO wishes to also remind members to pay their full annual membership subscriptions as soon as possible.

As we welcome 2018, TANGO stands by its members and the CSO community to ensure results-oriented and human rights-based programming to ensure real change in the lives and livelihoods of citizens.

Happy New Year!

TANGO Management


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