Sarahulleh Youth Development Organisation “Condemns Jammeh”



Statement by Sarahulleh Youth Development Organisation


Sarahulleh Youth Development Organisation (SYDO) would like to join the entire Gambian citizenry and the international communities in condemning President Yahya Jammeh’s decision to reject the election results in totality and call him to step down and peacefully hand over power to President-elect Adama Barrow, contrary to this will tantamount to the violation of rule of law and democratic principles.

The Republic of Gambia went to polls on December 1, 2016 to decide among the three presidential contestants who they want to entrust to steer the affairs of the country. The people of the Gambia were commended by the whole world for the maturity in maintaining peace and harmony during the entire process of voting. At the end of the voting exercise the Independent Electoral Commission declared Mr Adama Barrow the coalition’s Independent Candidate as the winner and president-elect with 22,708 votes. The Incumbent Yahya  Jammeh had 208,487 votes and Mama Kandeh 89,768 votes.

This results was accepted by the incumbent Yahya Jammeh, in the same vein, he called the President-elect Adama Barrow to concede defeat and congratulate him as well as promised to work with him to further develop the country. President Jammeh was applauded across the world for his acceptance of the election results in good faith and his loyalty and commitment to the Gambia and Gambian people after being in power for 22 years after bloodless coup d’etat of former president Dawda K. Jawara’s government.

Going by the national and international ethics and laws for upholding the democratic principles and respect for rule of law both in the Gambia and around the world. SYDO strongly condemn the recent statement of the outgoing president Yahya Jammeh on National Television and call on him to further maintain the spirit of loyalty and commitment to the development of our beloved Nation and peacefully hand over power.

We thank all Gambians and both the outgoing and incoming governments for prevailing on their supporters to maintain peace.

Long Live Gambia

Muhammed Lamin Juwara


Cc: Board of Directors


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