Rights Activist gathers evidences against Jammeh


Mr. Reed Broody, an international human rights lawyer and activist, who is hired by the Human Rights Watch, tasked with helping victims of Jammeh get justice, has spoken of his works as preparing evidences that will possibly see former President Jammeh face the full wrath of the law for crimes committed under his regime.

“We are just beginning to work with the victims association to get them organised, get their voice to have an influence in the transition justice process, and in building evidence against Yahya Jammeh,” Broody told The Point yesterday.

“The key is creating the political will, essential to [which]is having the victims tell their stories. We saw in the Habre case that through tenacity, perseverance and imagination, victims can create the political condition to bring an African President to justice in Africa, with the support of the African Union,” he added.

As a member of the International Commission of Jurists, Mr. Broody’s experience in such works span across continents, working as the Deputy Chief of the UN Secretary-General’s Investigative Team in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Director of the Human Rights Division of the United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador (ONUSAL), advisor to the government of Haiti for the prosecution of serious crimes, Advocacy Director and Spokesperson of Human Rights Watch, Executive Director of the International Human Rights Law Group, among several other prestigious groups. Read the rest of the story here

Source: Thepoint newspaper..



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