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theBy Victor Ofuonye

Finally, Foroyaa has published my rejoinder “Foroyaa, Preaching Xenophobia in Style” – 17 November 2013 – in response to its editorial “Was the Visit of the President of Nigeria A State Visit?” – 14 November 2013. It was published on Tuesday, 26 November 2013.

I would like to thank profusely Mr Sam Sarr, managing editor Foroyaa, for finally having the courage to do what is right by granting me my right to free speech as I had always clamored for. I also acknowledge the right of Mr Sarr and that of Foroyaa to free speech as evidenced in their voluminous response in the same edition of the paper.

My sincere thanks also go to the editor of for promoting free speech. I also wish to commend Modou Nyang, Foday Samateh and Lamin J. Darboe for their exercising their right to free speech. I will always defend their right to free speech and will never ever attempt to suppress it in the guise of “foul language”.

This is a big victory for free speech.

Viva Freedom of Expression.


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