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Attempting economically development in the country without intellectual development is a dream destined for failure.

When a citizen is deficient in Laws, Rules, Regulations and Rights, no amount of roads, bridges, electricity, and water or sought after employment opportunities will satisfy their requirements. As they view these items as Rights rather than granted and earned privileges.

Without the learned fundamentals, there can be no qualified skilled or administrative labor pool to meet the development demands of government or the private sector.

How grave is the situation?

There are still large numbers of youth attempting to make the desperate voyage to an unwelcoming Europe. They do not believe the news stories regarding holding camps, the perils of the sea voyage and the new slave trade. Until this is rectified, their quest will continue creating an ongoing catastrophe for government, families and the migrant minded.

The potential for Public Unrest results from lack of adequate and accurate information by the very agencies targeted for service defaults or inaction.

There was a major issued regarding the literacy of 70% of the security force not being able to properly read or write (Reports); now relabeled as the SIS – State Intelligence Service. If that figure is even near correct, it is an acute Intelligence problem to be addressed.

The youth and much of the adult population has become Dumb-Phone dependent. One is confronted with a mentality derived from Social Media mostly relevant to the Outside World while living within the World of Wants, as House Girls, Watchmen, Drivers, Apprentices Public Servants ingest data (much of which they do not comprehend) while attending to their daily functions. The amount of Dalasis spent on recharging is at times, comical. “D10 to this number”, a Millions go into the cell providers daily with no Socially Redeeming Value.

If one does not understand the basic workings of government, economics and the rule of law, one cannot be a compliment or a contributor to the society
How to tackle this predicament:

Educational Programs

The IGP and Minister of Justice in the past had appeared on TV to inform the public on the law and how it applies to the public. This forum should be a weekly presentation defining the differences between Civil and Criminal, the requirements of citizens and government in a Free Society.

The now multitude of Educational Seminars involving government agencies should be recorded and televised just as the sitting Commission has been shown. In this way, the public will be likewise informed.

GRTS is near perfect as a learning forum; it needs public awareness programming for this purpose as educational TV. This is a minor investment considering the gravity of the situation. The radio stations can be adjunct partners in this endeavor,

Ministries of Health – Education and others need to put together Instruction programs in simple formats for the viewing public. Note: World Health Organization helped sponsor a program that showed basis health care and sanitary methods on GRTS.

GTTI – UTG and Gambia College can and should make Online introductory courses to encourage enrollment and basic skills. These could be coupled with GRTS and radio efforts.

Banks – Insurance Firms – Micro Finance operators and PURA should have a duty and moral obligation to inform the public of their offered services and the uses of banking – credit and debt.
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Life is not just waking up in the morning, having breakfast and then dreaming that some opportunity is coming because a New Government said so. Life is for participating with the promised growth. Without knowledge leading to understanding, the majority become lost in a Dumb-Phone World.

People that voted and have become disenchanted or discouraged need to be brought back into the fold; it is critical for this President and governance to go forward and succeed. The foundation of the 3rd Beginning has been laid; it remains to properly build upon it!

We support and wish you the Best for The Gambia

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