Press Release: Gunjur Development Association Dismisses alleged protest against Majority Leader


Gunjur Development Association is hereby making it clear to the people of Gunjur at home and those in the diaspora that the recent newspaper article that appeared on the online Freedom Newspaper titled “Angry Villagers to protest against Majority Leader” that was authored by Mr. Sainey Darboe was never written in collaboration with GDA or member(s) of the organization. The article was written after the journalist believed that an alledged caller from Gunjur informed the journalist that there are people in Gunjur planning to protest the Majority Leader’s appearance at KSA event because of his lack of attendance at the previous event by GDA. We do not know who called from Gunjur to suggest the possibility of a protest though since some of our detractors have always resorted to the tactic of labeling our organization of intending to form a political party which we vehemently refuted in the past and continues to deny it today, we believe the call may have been an attempt to discredit the GDA. As we have declared in our Launching, “GDA is formed by people of Gunjur and Gunjur citizens in the Diaspora”. It is a non-partisan organization was formed to help protect our environment and participate in the development of Gunjur and her people.

The article was independently written without any consultation with any member of The GDA. The anonymous caller was attempting to create a confusion in the village and cause division between Gunjur Development Association (GDA) and Kombo Sillah Association (KSA), a UK based sister organization that has planned to present a check to the community as their contribution towards the rehabilitation of Gunjur Health Center on Saturday November 4, 2017. Since GDA has established structures on the ground, we have agreed to help facilitate this event following the successful launching of our origination recently. This organization has neither planned or is in the process of planning any protest at this event tomorrow and any attempt to disrupt; protest in our name will be vigorously repudiated.

The article went on to identify “Amadou Janneh” as being behind the protest with the insinuation that he being a member of the GDA, automatically makes it a protest event to be organized by GDA. We are here by refuting the premise of the article that Amadou Janneh is behind any potential protest and GDA is not planning anything other than helping the KSA to present the check in an atmosphere of peace and calmness and we will ensure that the program goes on as planned.


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