Breaking: Pope Francis’ Ambassador Conducts Second Trip

By Gainako’s Correspondent, @GainakoRadio

Pope Francis’ Ambassador to The Gambia Conducts Second Trip

Gainako can report that the Papal Nuncio to The Gambia, in other words, The Popes Ambassador to The Gambia has just concluded a second visit in less than a year a rarity in Vatican diplomacy. According to a diplomatic source who has served at the Vatican City before, ” this visit may be an emergency in nature because of the recent pronouncement that the Koran will become the constitution of The Gambia.” Information reaching Gainako’s News desk indicate that the Vatican takes such matters very seriously and will not sit by and watch the persecution of its Catholic laity not just in Gambia, but the world over. In order words, Yahya Jammeh has picked a fight he will not and can never win.

Following the Papal Nuncios visit, the Roman Catholic Church has settled on a document that our Gainako correspondent in Banjul laid hands on and we will publish verbatim. Read it here first;

The Introduction of an Islamic State and the Koran to be the Constitution of The Gambia

The Implications to Christians and people of other Faith

  • Effects on Civic Rights
  • Violations of The Gambia Constitution – (Sect. 100 Sub Section 2 states ‘The National Assembly shall not pass a Bill to establish a one party state; to establish any religion as a state religion …..’.
  • Non-Muslims wouldn’t be able to contest key government positions namely: Presidency, Judiciary, Religious Affairs included.
  • National Identity Cards would be re-done to indicate the religion an individual professes i.e.- Muslims or Non-Muslims.
  • Effects on Religion (Christians and others)
  • Government would be seen exhibiting and practicing the religious divide.
  • Exhibitions of religions materials that are non-Muslims would be prohibited in an Islamic State.
  • Celebration of events that are non-Islamic would be prohibited (the present manner of Christmas and Easter festivals would be probibited).
  • Introduction of special Tax Payment for Non-Muslims (this would be justified as recovering the protection costs for living under an Islamic Law).
  • Effects on Women in Particular
  • Women would have restricted access to any public Service: female registration for medical care, application of utility or housing facilities would demand the presence of a husband or male accompany.
  • Women would be allowed to travel only if accompanied by a husband, brother or son or authorization letter from a husband.
  • Inheritance rights would favor the male child (male would have double share. (justification being that the girl child would be married to another family but the male child has to build and manage a home/family)
  • The dress code would be deemed suitable only if it conforms with Arab norms and culture.
  • Sporting Events – male-female (mixed sex) sporting events would be disallowed.
  • Effects on the Economy
  • The prevailing world-wide ‘Islam phobia’ would bring in ‘Gambia phobia’.
  • The tourist industry would collapse – due to the diverged interpretation and implementation of Islamic Law the current patrons of the industry would be discouraged.
  • Introduction of Arabic to replace the English language – Arabic letters and numeric to replace the existing.
  • Arabic would eventually be the Official Language.
  • The national Anthem would be modified or abandoned because the ideology and wording wouldn’t be compromised.


From the above document it is very clear that the Catholic Church is ready to confront Yaya Jammeh. What will be interesting in the coming days is Jammeh’s chess moves to counter this strong statement. Many await an announcement of Elizabeth Renner as VP to garner Christian votes for the election, others predict the influence of the Chief Justice Fagbele who also doubles as a pastor running his own church in Gambia to push Jammeh’s agenda among the Christian community. Chief Justice Fagbele was among the christian delegation at state house that received money from Jammeh following the Islamic State declaration by Jammeh.

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