A Poem: The Six-Junction Roads!


A Poem: The Six- Junction Roads!

 As I walked alone towards the Six- junction

 After the night took over from the day

 The lullaby songs of the silver stars

 The beautiful galaxy with its full moon shine

 The cry of the night creatures in their full reign

 The leaps of the night spirits on their evil flings

 The rustling sound of the dry leaves

 As the trees dance to nature’s breeze

 The pores of my body widened

 My heart gave a sharp warning signal

 Flashing my mind down memory lane

 Standing there looking through all the many roads

 My mind just bewildered

 Curious on these many roads

 Grassy roads, hilly roads, potty roads

 Muddy roads, damaged roads, bloody roads

 None offered my heart’s pleasure for grab

 Convincing my soul to keep searching

 There was Comfort who gave solace for free

 Flapping my wings with humility and content

 Spreading my palms for the underserved mercy

 And followed Comfort, my never-fail-me-kin!

 By Yero.


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