A Poem: Raba-Raba Youth Man’s Day


By Yero Jallow

With the early morning cockcrow at twilight
Ebony black handsome, kind to his heart and golden to his faith
His cleverness and knowledge struck my heart
Raba-Raba man was on his heels rising with the African sun
Catching the nearby café-touba for a dose
To stabilize his stamina for the long day’s raba-raba.

With the midday sun’s heated straight ray shoots to mother earth
Raba-raba man toured the region shadowing his silver lining
Busy like the African bee with his energy reservoir at full charge
Raba-raba man is a power force; an independent leader in his own right
Who sees the aging baobab trees sway their mystery at midnight
To accommodates the new comers with his warmth.

At midnight, the African moonlight and stars lit the globe
Raba-raba man of beauty fame was exhausted
A youth with self-content with no heart scars
His inspiration laid on a pillar in pride with full dreams
For the next day’s raba-raba for good and life
While being blessed by God’s special angels.


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