A Poem: Plains of Mount Arafat


By Yero

To the plains of Mount Arafat we salute,

Far southeast of the monumental Kaaba,

Where the recording angels circumvent in praise,

Beautiful rhythm of marching white garments,

It’s a home return to All-Maker with love.

To the plains of Mount Arafat we praise,

Chorus voices are heard in God’s praise,

Praise of joy to fulfill the prescribed pilgrimage,

Right beneath His ‘Kursee’ pavilion with light (Nur),

With hearts soaked with love for God.


To the plains of Mount Arafat we pray,

When the faithful stand in throngs,

Standing hopeful on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah,

For life and death’s benevolence,

Beneath that screeching sun.

To the plains of Mount Arafat now farewell,

Our heart lamps are lit with Hajj light,

Our body pores purified from dust,

Our deeds lingers on hope of acceptance,

Hail to our prides of achievements! (Amen).


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