People Democracy Movement Condemns Shooting of Innocent Civilians By PIU Officers in Faraba


Bundung, 22 June 2018: – People Democracy Movement is shocked and dismayed by the uneven use of force by the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) in Faraba which caused the demise of three people and injuries to several more on Monday 18 June 2018. It is with a heavy heart that People Democracy Movement extends heartfelt condolences to the people of the community of Faraba. We pray that the deceased rest in peace and that the Almighty Allah grants them Jannah. We pray to Allah to grant speedy recovery to the injured.

Recognizing that the residents of Faraba and all Gambians have a right to peacefully protest to show their pleasure or displeasure on happenings in their community or the country at large, we call on them to always stand for their rights legally, be law abiding and observe the Rule of Law. Because they have this right – a right which they sought to exercise on that fateful Monday – and the Police Intervention Unit opened fire on them using live bullets, we express outrage at this heavy-handedness of the police.

This incident and others like it, bring to mind the horrible period we endured for a little more than two decades. We said we had had enough and went ahead to vote out the regime that brought us so much suffering. We decided to change for the better and this was captured in the statement ‘Gambia Has Decided’. Thus, this incident calls that statement into question as to what did we decide for or against?

Having carefully considered this incident and its consequences, the People Democracy Movement calls on the President of The Republic of The Gambia and the National Assembly to institute an independent investigation to determine the circumstances leading to the use of force and the loss of life and property in Faraba on Monday 18 June 2018. When such investigation if completed, the Government of the Gambia should ensure that perpetrators are brought to book. People Democracy Movement, as a Civil Society Organization which is focused on creating civic awareness, hereby urges all citizens to remain vigilant, peaceful but committed to the ideals of
democracy and good governance and the Rule of Law in our country.

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