Pa Musa Jallow, Minister for Presidential Affairs as Chief Mediator? 

The hypocrisy is overwhelming. So Jammeh appoints Pa Musa Jallow, his new Secretary General and Minister for Presidential Affairs as chief mediator? For real! Belie we are our worst enemy. Buga palass lim jaral Gambian!smh. But at the end of the day, Pa Musa is a sovereign individual and free to make his choices, but ethics do matter in life, hence the rules we have in society.
First, there is nothing to mediate, and the only task that should be on the table is the process of transferring power to the incoming government. Anything outside of that is nothing but shenanigans. The people have already decided! And if Pa Musa thinks otherwise, then he must be in the same mental state as jamm…kanasu!
Second, it is a serious conflict of interest for Pa Musa, as Jammeh’s Minister for Presidential Affairs to mediate on anything Goloh because his loyalty lies with Jammeh. It is a gross violation of any basic ethical rule. You cannot appoint a mediator to mediate on your own behalf, especially if you don’t have any case. A mediator should be independently appointed, if any. And if Pa Musa thinks otherwise, then he must be in the same mental state as Jammeh…kanasu!
Third, if Pa Musa has any hand in trying to prolong Jammeh’s stay beyond his mandated time, he will be aiding and abetting a criminal government and thereby committing treason. Jammeh has no intentions to step down and is looking for suckers to take down with him. And if Pa Musa thinks otherwise, then he must be in the same mental state as Jammeh…kanasu!
I have had many debates with Pa Musa on social media regarding the Gambia’s political situation, and he has always defended the dictator, whether explicitly or implicitly. So for him to end up where he is now is not a surprise to me at all. If anything, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. But better late than never I guess. The BS argument of “I’m working for my country” will not fly for anyone trying to assist Jammeh  (in any capacity) to overstay his mandated time. I have come to realize (in the era of Jammeh) that when folks say “I’m working for my country”, it usually means self-interest, regardless of whether it is short lived or not. Too many folks want to be part of Gambia’s political history, and a good number will be on the toxic side. I have always maintained that our problem is bigger than Jammeh. Jammeh’s record is not news to Pa Musa, and any intend or attempt from him to extend Goloh’s stay will make him unpatriotic in my view.

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  1. I empathise with these victims who as late as a week to time can hardly read ‘end time signs’. Poor victims of circumstances who have no ability to formulate and act from a philosophical perspective. History will document them negatively at this critical hour. Be forewarned that there comes a time when the nation becomes more important than an individual. Stop living a lie, do your maths and distinguish facts from fictions. A bulk of lies can hardly withstand an iota of the truth. Terrible to say the least!

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