An open Letter to President Barrow


‘OP Technocrats and advisers NEED to Stop the laziness and advice the Presidency or quit, simple!’

Dear sir, Barrow Porg,

My seasonal greetings to you and the people of the Republic of The Gambia.
First, I wish to congratulate  you for the peaceful completion of your one year leadership as the second democratically elected president of the Republic of The Gambia.Without much ado, Sir, the tasks ahead  are obvious so I crave your indulgence to hammer home the purpose of this letter; to remind you the AGENDA of your Coalition led government and why much is expected from you.

Sir, for sometime now, the happenings in Banjul are worrisome thus need some citizens rude awakening. Chiefly, the need to put to rest the issues surrounding MOU cannot be timely than now. Having this document sign will not only help to map out practical policy programs but most importantly to facilitate smoot building of the national democractic foundation and other policy reforms as envisaged in the aforesaid transitional document.

Having said that , your Exellency, Mr. Barrow, I am incline to believe that is  either you are kept in the loop or been illed-informed/ advised. To say am dissatisfied and concerned is an understatement surrounding some current projects or body of establishments directly under your watch hence yourself gave them full blessings.This is not the Barrow Gambians voted for in December 2, 2017, Mr President. We were/ are eager for regime change and system change, the later – a process thus citizens collective gave you the mandate with the hope that you would do everything different from the TYRANT and one of the most brutal dictator of Africa in modern history. Granted, Sir, you took a solemn OATH of Office exactly one  year ago, yet most Gambians remain optimistic and of course including my humble self with great love for your humility and sense of direction you promised for Mama Gambia. Hope  promises kept? To this, I am still a firm believer but not with new routes. One thing is certain for sure, Mr President we Gambians, coalition supporters in particular cannot sit idle and have our enemies laughing at you and presidency of The Gambia yet, most former Jammeh loaylists think that’s Okay as long as you keep them for reasons unclear to most Gambians: -A discriminatory choice and an open secret either voluntarily or not only Allah know the best.

Therefore, I hereby suggest and recommend that you disband those two most illogical and illegal bodies, i.e. the BYM and ADFID ‘NOW’ and transfer all the supposedly policy programs to their institutionalized ministries and ensure effective policy implementation there.This is what you need and certainly appropriate for the country development.

Further, Mr. President, it is time that any technocrats close to the presidency excuse him/ herself if you feel cannot live to expectations. I mean for the person to resign or you look at national interest ahead of any personal attachment. That’s pragmatic leadership, Sir! Regarding the foundation, a basic research of FOUNDATION of PRESIDENCY the world over, notably even U.S here is POST presidency and NOT DURING your active tenure in office to avoid ‘conflict of interest’ and unwarranted speculations. In fact, the MISSION, STRUCTURE and MANAGEMENT style are but everything contrary to this your newly cleverly- but poorly crafted ABFID to any presidential foundation  to say the least. It’s not only laughable but mockery to our HIGHEST Office of The Land.
To conclude, Sir, I urge you to learn from the Presidential Foundations of U.S or else whilst in the world starting from President Harry Thruman in 1953 to the most current Foundation of Obama. Anaysis their impacts and think locally.

Finally, Mr. President justice to the victims must not be delayed any further and the SECURITY of this country should remain top priority of your government for we cannot settle for anything but a BETTER- dignified GAMBIA for posterity.


Alkali M Dibba
Gambia Government Scholarship Student
– A final year graduate student ( California State University)
God bless The Gambia!




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