Office of National Security hosts meeting on Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea


Banjul, 6 May, 2019 – Maritime security and safety are at the core of the Gulf of Guinea Inter-Regional Network’s (GoGIN) Project for sustainability of the Blue Economy 

GoGIN regional coordinator, Mr. Eric Glotin accompanied by a representative fromWest Africa Regional Maritime Security Centre (CRESMAO), Noel OBoumou, Head of Informations and Operations Division, met with maritime security stakeholders in The Gambia to discuss the GoGIN project and identify means of collaboration in the context of deterring and prosecuting illegal maritime activities.

GoGIN, an EU-funded project funded by the Government of Denmark and implemented by Expertise France, supports 27 maritime centers in the region in securing the maritime domain of western and central Africa through interdisciplinary and multi-management approaches that facilitate information sharing and cooperative management of maritime events by various countries and regional organisations.

The National Security Advisor, Col. (Ret.) Momodou Badgie addressing the meeting cited that The Gambia has vested interest in the security of the maritime domain. He outlined that the meeting takes place at an opportune time, when The Gambia is currently implementing a Security Sector Reform process. The GoGIN project will assist and guarantee the sustainability of the Blue Economy, which touches upon different sectors including fisheries, tourism, transport, trade, offshore exploitation and more.

All maritime stakeholders attending the meeting made presentations on the activities and initiatives of their respective Institutions. An analysisof what needs to be done to support the Gambia’s maritime security centre to become fully operational, while identifying priorities in terms of training activities to improve internal organization and effectiveness was conducted. Maritime stakeholders also shed light on available potentials for enhancing cooperation with GoGIN and CRESMAO.

As the authority in charge of coordinating security sector activities and managing the national security planning process, the Office of National Security with support from GoGIN and its partners will conduct a legal assessment of the national maritime legal framework and its applicability to maritime security threats for future collaboration on May 15, 2019.


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