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If you have been following our postings started from the 3 Beginnings you have realized the Author is not Gambian however, he has become embedded within the society and from which position we make some Observations – Alarms – Tasks.


It does not appear that the Exuberance, Spirit and Determination exhibited during the election campaign. it is as if the main schoolyard bully was sent away while his understudies are reorganizing your fate and giving excuses for their actions.

Forgiveness appears to be in vogue; Mugabe $10 Million Peanuts by his standards unless they are Freezing his Looted ones), Ongoing Salary and Ah Yes – Immunity. Sound somewhat familiar!

What will reignite that fire that burned in voters’ minds so that the ‘Bakers Dozen’ will push forward the original coalition agenda? Those many outside supporters (Diaspora) are beginning to demand it.

Revelations of fraud and mismanagement have turned into TV or Radio amusement as time ticks off the 3 Years.

We have pointed to a number of areas of concern with possible positive suggestions. (i.e. Judicial Notice to the Commission regarding the Telegraphic Transfer instructions for the Kairaba Hotel buyer so the Public Funds could be traced. The US FINCEN agency or the Brits could surely assist as they purported committed to do). Will there be any follow up. One Hopes!



We tell you now that many Long Time expats are planning to depart or not return.

The state of affairs with financial commitments being tendered without Tenders or proper Bidding process will not bode well for potential new investors that would engage in government business as the repayment would be at the least – Risky!

Awarding or continuing contracts with Targeted parties is an Absolute No No.

There is a Follow the (Former) Leader mentality ongoing with the security forces. (i.e. First the Military, then the Police and now the Fire Service has decided to be a Welcoming Committee for the tourist trade at the hotel sites by running while shouting past those establishments. This is not viewed as a welcome attraction.

Groups of young children are running Wild at all hours of the night including school nights; acting out TV movies or fighting with each other. Some concerned adults chastise them only to see them run to the next junction and begin again. “Parents it’s 9 P: M do you know where your children are”?


As part of the Re-Education posting it would be important to stress Youth training and basic education. In this regard, a mandatory age of 16 Years if not 18 needs to be placed on the transport apprentices. Those younger must attend school as a requirement. Little boys running after the driver and jumping up to the door is a Child Labor Flaw and dangerous. Yes, it will increase the op cost but what is the cost to society and the child’s future?

Without a raw materials base, service and fabricating may accelerate the economy. For service it will require advanced training programs geared toward attracting Call Centers for outside companies, such as the Indian economy offers. Yes, the Gambia is an English speaking country, but what if outside companies found a site that offered Call Service applications for African clients: Press 3 for Fula or 2 for Mendinka assistance with your consumer clients

The fabrication aspect aligns with the idea of major manufacturers shipping containers of spare parts into the Trade Gateway and their regional requirements are drawn and shipped from here, thereby reducing costs and speeding up delivery time, using regional and international transport resources. In order to attract those resources, a project we titled as ‘HUB’ could be furthered. We referred to the concept as a Bee Hive; if you want bees, one needs to construct a hive. In this case, the airport cargo section expansion was recommended along with research, computation and input from potential air carrier’s users for the publication of an air cargo tariff covering commodity shipments to and from the major cities within Africa. The special tariff along with the air cargo facility is thought to be a large inducement for attracting the potential parts companies to open facilities here. These concepts and resources should be applied, which can be made available instead of raw material dependence. In current terms, the airport expansion program makes these projects ready for development.

The Gamtel operations present an ideal avenue for growth with increased technical systems tied into user existing phone lines, offering the lauded Western systems, which can be added against the backdrop of the Commercial operators; their cash flow is corrupting the economy to the extent that housemaids and watchmen are expending pocket change that then goes out of circulation. How so? The daily recharge amounts for the three commercial operators are staggering; millions of Dalasis taken in and where does it go. If one adds up their expenses; rent, salaries (now greatly reduced), utilities, advertising promotions and tax, the surplus staggers the average mind. What do they do with it? Is it kept in the banks or converted to foreign exchange and sent out. An Independent audit needs to be carried out accessing what is going on within this segment of the economy with the aim of Rate Reduction and curtailment of the Minimum recharge. In fact, the higher your recharge, the faster the credit goes – a computer program beyond control! GRTS has been modernized and should be utilized for the public awareness programs along with educational ones of interest to students, young people and adult entertainment. Revenue can be increased as foreign firms can be offered a venue into the country.

Again, the Main Task now is to establish faith through Positive Actions.

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