Nomination begins with seven APRC candidates in Banjul



Nomination begins at the IEC office in Banjul with 7 APRC candidates that went through the process on Tuesday 13, March 2018.

All candidates went through a process of scrutiny by IEC Officials presided by Commissioner Isatou Jallow Ndure supported by other officials such as Abdoulie Jeng Director of Operations IEC, Demba  Jallow Regional Electoral officer, and Neneh Jobe Assistant Regional officer.

Candidates were accompanied by five supporters, which were witnessed by domestic observers, and the media.

The IEC Commissioner Madam Jallow Ndure went through the documents such as asset declaration form, registered voters, nomination forms, among all other required documents.

The Commissioner after going through all documents told each candidate that their acceptance will be given after the public scrutiny which is said to be on Sunday 18 February 2018.

Madam Ndure gave a receipt of nomination to each candidate and told them that they will be informed on Monday after the public has scrutinized their nomination.

Abdoulie Jeng Director of operation said “The IEC will be giving you your approval if no concern is raised on your nomination requirements, if they do in conformity with the law we will check and we decide base on the Law”.

He added that if the concerns are just mere issues, then the nomination he said will stand.

Commissioner Ndure, warned candidates to desist from violence, and hate speeches.

The following are the candidates that underwent through the nomination process. Pa Ebou Sanneh 55 years, contesting for Newtown East Ward. Andrea Jarju  26 years contesting for Portuguese town ward, Jama Njie 32 years contesting for Newtown West ward, Momodou Jarju 29 years contesting for Soldier Town ward. Alhagie Jammeh 24 years contesting for Jollof town ward, Pa Matarr Ndow 48 years, contesting for half die ward, Sheikh Jaw 26 years contesting for Crab Island.

The APRC Banjul coordinate Mam Sai Njie said they are working on the documents of the 8th candidate for campama ward and the person will be brought to the IEC as soon as possible for the nomination.

During the Nomination Process the IEC Chairman, Alieu Momar Njie, paid a visit, and assured candidates that, there will be free and fair elections.

For the Tuesday Nomination NCP and other independent candidates were supposed to come as scheduled by the IEC, but none of the candidates were seen.

Pa Ebou Sanneh in his late 50s contesting for Newtown East Ward

Andrea Jarju Portuguese town ward

Jama Njie  contesting for Newtown West ward

Momodou Jarju 29 years contesting for Soldier Town ward

Alhagie Jammeh 24 years contesting for Jollof town ward

Pa Matarr Ndow  contesting for half die ward

Sheikh Jaw contesting for Crab Island


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