News Alert: President Barrow rescinds former army chief Ousman Badjie’s appointment to Cuba


The former chief of the defense staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, Lt. General, Ousman Bargie has had his appointment as Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba recently rescinded, according to sources from the diplomatic community; the former army chief has been replaced by Dr. Kujejatou Manneh  formerly executive director of Action Aid Gambia.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a diplomat told Gainako that Dr. Manneh has since left the country for Havana to assume office. It is still not known why the government rescinded the appointment of Bargie who was hailed for the role he played during the heated political debate that rocked the country in December 2016.

Quizzed to shed light on Bargie’s appointment, an insider at the ministry of foreign affairs, intimated that Bargie’s appointment letter had some technical mistakes such as ‘Islamic Republic of the Gambia’. The source further revealed these changes have to be effected and taken to President Barrow for endorsement.

It could be recalled that the former strong Gambian military man was quite vociferous during the political impasse that followed the historic December 1st presidential election. It all started after Yahya Jammeh made a U-turn after initially conceding defeat, many Gambians thought the former Gambian dictator’s attempt to annul the election was backed by the army.  Lt. Gen. Badjie and many Gambian security perceived to be loyalists were caught in the middle as who they will support during the impasse. On 19th January, shortly after President Barrow was sworn-in, the former army chief granted an interview to DWtv, and said they (the army) were ready to welcome West African troops with a cup of coffee if they enter the country to dislodge Jammeh from power if he had refused to cede State House.

Gainako made several attempts to contact Gen. Badjie but it was fruitless as he was unavailable to react to the story. The free style General was sighted around the Senegambia strip area Tuesday evening but our reporter could not get to him. General Badjie appears to be making a strong political statement by plastering the photo of President Barrow all over his four wheel vehicle. Our reporter ran to speak to him but he had left by the time he got close. The former Amy General seems to be a favorite to many people due to his care free attitude. Many onlookers were openly pointing fingers and mentioning his name. The Senegambia strip seems to be a favorite destination for many former Jammeh aides including Ansumana Jammeh.

Report filed by Demba Baldeh Associate Editor




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  1. General badjie deserve to be disgrace and to be deceive forever due to his actions of lakadescal oh uselessness. Any soldier who do not loyal to the country he/she will never be valuable and will not be recognised by the gambians…he’s a jammeh loyal IN General and a criminal.

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