As our nation is saddled with dizzying arrays of evolving difficulties, the regime leaders are racing to hide being tall grass


In an election year as contentious as this one, it is refreshing to see our seasoned politicians who have been tried-and-tested, able to exercise judgment of the people and exert the will to stand up for the nations interest, whiles Yaya Jammeh continues to hide behind tall grasses in Kanilai —as his system of brutality continue running on autopilot. They have thus far shown us an admirable level of resilience by their last-minute tinkering to have an agreement that represents the will of the people. That’s a point worth chewing on as they offer us a cautionary lesson to avoid another extra levels of heartburn from disappointments. They have remained poised and exercised self-control by accommodating every possible schedule, when it comes to moving the coalition efforts in the right direction. At first blush, it is maddeningly frustrating watching from the sidelines— but it this means Gambia will be far better served in the end, it is worth to withstand the stomach crunching pains— because sometimes a slow approach yields useful concessions.

We are faced with serious evolving dangers that plague us—  as a results of always looking up to false promises that completely devoid of credibility and reveres what our country truly stands for twenty years. it may be hard to fully comprehend— how the regime hoodwinks enough Gambians in the past, even though the hardship falls squarely at their feet and untold pressures on the poor famers. There’s no question times have changed but the regime is agitated by our unity. Gambians will not be fooled by the pied pipers of the regime making flawed excuses of self-preservation of the status quo is the only available option for us. The Army’s unprincipled CDS—a less mature man, is out again thumping his chest out to our politicians— to shift attention away from the issues that unite us, but has no problem hiding behind the tall grass to cause the usual painful tug-of the usual “T” label card they loved to pull against the opposition. These comments, suggest a man at odds with rational views of the duties of his job. After all, he cannot reverse the fact that’s how he got his position. In a nutshell, every time their grimy erotic fantasies backfire on them, they will stubbornly insist with straight faces— the nation woes as an insidious invention of the opposition. When are these folks going to learn the— political axe of Yaya Jammeh’s self-interest swings at both sides? It is sad that our military institutions politicized and no longer work in the interests of the people.

More seriously, how can such a person —who released his common thugs during the events of April 14/16, watched our libel laws change by mercenary judges to punish UDP executives to three-year jail terms and all the innocent tortured women, indulge in false equivalence. Even more worrisome, now he is send out there to adequately question our opposition leaders with a do-over language about peace? But best of all, why listen to someone who consistently stood on the wrong side of our national interest, and refused to look down his nose to see his own failures. Indeed, as coach Pa Samba always put it in vernacular “Wah he Gaayjah, sai moo koo ton tu”. Gambians are all enlightened now and united in anger because of the regime’s record absence of contributions to the betterment of society. We cannot be distracted with odd battle of the past centuries. It is chilling reminder that intimidation battle Gambians have to deal with around these times. Considering the enormous challenges confronting the nation— caused by the regimes reckless actions and thoughtless decision making processes that put our country in every deplorable list of measures, Gambians are determine to obliterate the path destruction the regime policies set us on autopilot. At every turn, they have fought to remove the barriers that stand in the way of giving all Gambians access to the opportunity they are enjoying today.

With our nation facing dizzying array of issues and the regimes hostile misdeeds against the citizens —causing crippling pressures on the nation with no ending in sight. No wonder majority of the Gambians from Banjul to Kartong, are some of the most passionate advocates of a Coalition to end the maddeningly difficult —frightening aberration Yaya Jammeh’s regime, continues to put us through. Most starkly, our values, our national identity as Gambians— are all at stake because Yaya Jammeh finds an inexhaustible energy of putting us into embarrassing situations. Considering the challenges confronting the nation, it is a false illusion that the regime has improve anything. In fact, good intentions or not, the conditions haven’t improved for two decades now since they over throw of the first republic. It is quite as sad watching regime leaders —racing to hide behind the tall grass in the face of evolving dangers of their failed policies that saddled our nation.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)


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