Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal: Was he gunned down? Was he buried alive?


“I did my master’s thesis on “Ethnic Conflicts and Coup D’états In Africa”; and throughout the literature review, I have never read about any coup such as the presumed November 11 1994 Gambian Coup. I said “presumed coup”, because coups in Africa can be staged on false grounds; depending whom the enemy is. Coup or no coup, the descriptions, about the way that “the presumed coup plotters” were killed, are inhumane and brutal. It was not The Gambia that I ever thought such atrocities could happen.” Musa Manneh

Today, we all know that the former Military Junta of The Gambia killed Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal. The only circumstances around his death is the nature and way that the military junta summarily executed him. The Gambian people and his family need to know the truth about his death. It is only through truth seeking that The Gambia can come to terms with its gruesome and cruel past. In other words, for healing and forgiveness to take, the families of the victims need to know about the circumstances that led to the dead of their loved ones.

As mentioned in many written papers by Gambians, Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal was killed by Mr. Edward Singateh and his military aides. Whether this is a fact or not, it was a collective responsibility on the side of the Junta. They are the perpetrators and killers of Dot Faal and his comrades. Pointing fingers at Edward is appropriate and genuine because he was on the ground executing the commands; however, the full responsibility on the Junta. They all have innocent blood on their hands. They all need to face justice; and the law applied to the fullest.

Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal was a gallant soldier and intelligent man. Like many paranoid and dictatorial regimes, such as The Gambia Military Junta, they want to get rid of and eliminate all the smart and intelligent officers from the military. Semi-illiterate military junta officer base their analysis and judgment on “fear factor”; and they are usually irrational and quick to kill at any time without due process. The fate of the “presumed November Coup Plotters” was therefore met by a barbaric attitude: Summarily executed.

Dot was a brave soldier and intelligent man. He was my senior in Armitage High School. I can say many good things about a wonderful person whom we called “Dot”. He was one of the kindest and smartest student in Armitage. He was always part of the best ten students in his class; and, I am not surprised that he ranked as one of the best in The Gambian Army. His smartness and intelligence was a threat to the semi-illiterate Military Junta of The Gambia. For an unsophisticated and limited military men like that of the junta, Dot Faal was a danger to their survival and existences. They decided to kill Dot and many others in cold blood to save their “face” and to perpetuate fear and brutality in populace. Such was the nature of Jammeh and his thugs.

Coup or no coup, Dot Faal and his comrades might have foreseen the brutality and heinous human rights abuses that were about to befall our beloved country, The Gambia. Probably, they wanted to intervene the right time at the right moment to salvage our country from disaster and mayhem. The brutality, in The Gambia, started with the summarily execution of these gallant soldiers. They were the first freedom fighters in the struggle against Jammeh and his regime. The only crime that Dot and his comrades might have committed was putting their lives on the line to save The Gambia. Cowardly soldiers including Yahya Jammeh, Edward Singateh, Sana Sabally, Saidou Hydara, and Yankuba Touray cowardly killed them. These mentioned names are “soldiers in uniform” with no ranking. A true soldier will never “misuse” a gun against his own fellow soldier, even when that soldier is an enemy.  Ranking relates to discipline, dignity, respect, and order; Jammeh and his regime had no dignity for humanity. They are “the butchers” of The Gambia. We should not allow these butchers to live freely on this earth. Justice has to be done on behalf of Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal and his comrades.

I cannot end this article without saying “thank you” to Dot Faal. He was a patriotic Gambian who died for The Gambia. He was a martyr. Dot, today the whole Gambia is proud of you and your fellows; your blood paved the way for freedom and liberty in The Gambia. Your blood and sacrifice will not go in vain. Dot, I still remember your beautiful smile; keep on smiling because The Gambia is smiling today because of your bravery. I will not say, “Rest in Peace” because I know that you are already resting in peace because The Gambia is peaceful.

Jer jef               Lt.  Abdoulie Dot Faal
Al-Baraka         Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal
Jarama              Lt. Abdoulie Dot Faal

He was a soldier with difference; a true soldier.

My article is not politically motivated; and I am just expressing my admiration and love for my senior, Dot Faal, at Armitage High School. He needs justice on his behalf. Thank you for your understanding.

By Musa Manneh
New Jersey USA


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