Little Daniel Reunited with his Family


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Three year old Daniel Appiah abducted yesterday afternoon, 30th September 2019, has now been reunited with his family. Daniel was found yesterday in a gutter in Ebo-Town. At time of reporting his return he was with Police and is set to receive medical attention at the Hospital soon after.

According to concerned family members a lady heard a scream and went to his aid where she found the little boy in a gutter with bruises on his neck, ears and nose. The lady then took him to the Police Station where Officers advised her to take him home as they didn’t have the right facilities to take custody of the boy.

According to the family Daniel is displaying signs of trauma as he has refused to eat and has hardly spoken since the ordeal. On behalf of Daniel’s family they are deeply grateful for all those who took some time to spread the word leading to his safe return and especially the lady who rushed to his aid.


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