Letter writer alleges: Division, Greed, Nepotism and lack of injustice at the Gambia Immigration Department


Dear Sir,

THE SILENCE BREAK OUT 4: Violation of the Constitution of the Gambia and the power of the Director General

Reference to your letter dated 23/05/18, with the subject matter notification of demotion in rank, I would like to inform you that this is against my constitutional right and the power of the Director General. I have the right on the provision of section 24 i.e secure protection of the law and fair play and it is the same provision in our constitution that has given me the freedom to petition the executive for redress of grievances and to resort the courts for the protection of my rights and under the Freedom of speech (f) of this provision.
That by the virtue of this case;

You as the director general have the power to promote and appoint from the rank of Chief inspector down to the first class. Likewise to conduct orderly room to discipline junior officers from this rank down (chief Inspector).This is why the promotion to the rank of Cadet ASI can only be given by the approval of P.M.O, therefore the orderly which was conducted 5th and 6th February 2018( which I was not present) totally contravened this provision. I cannot be charged but queried to P.M.O. This does not exist in the field of police code of conduct.
By the time of this orderly room being conducted petition about the kind of your management style was filed against you and until such a time that the fact of the matter was established, I C/ASI Omar T.Camara should not be subjected to anything. The constitution of the republic of the Gambia has given me the rights to secure protection and fair play from authorities.

In this vein your letter has contravened all these provisions and violated my constitutional right.
All the elements I stated in the petition filed against you in the SILENCE BREAK OUT 1 were manifested by your actions and justified by evidences and witnesses who testified during the investigation. Why should I face such decision when I did not lie against you. Your decision violated my right and the constitution of the Gambia.
The fact that your inner circulars and those who conspired to denied the government of much needed revenue for development will face full consequences of the law, you want to use that orderly room which was conducted in February 5th and 6th just to clear me from the system, this will not work, because you have this notion that GID 2 was using me to fight against your position. I did not lie against you neither committed crime nor violated any rule but instead I was exercising my constitutional right. GID 2 has his own case and I have mine too. These are two different cases altogether. Why you did not take this step since in February? The motive behind this will not work. Let your people face for the crime they have committed and leave me.

The person who reported this case to the authorities if you have an issue with battle it with him, I have my own case that am fighting for and you should not inflict that anger on innocent C/ASI Omar T.Camara. Hatred is too much, am totally discouraged in the Gambia immigration Department, all these are happening because of my name which appeared as liaison officer in Germany. The reason why my name sent by the German government was out of the well written and articulated challenges and constraints by me which was presented before the delegates during the meeting at the Director General’s office and the knowledge of Integrated Border Management.

Director General, you have turned state department into a limited liability company wherein the Government is a shareholder and you together with your inner circulars. Avail those who were involved in visa scandals to face the full interpretation of the law including you and GID 3. Allah is seeing you and is going to judge you the way you manage GID. THINK ABOUT THE DAY OF THE JUDGEMENT. Apologize to the authorities, citizens and proceed on voluntary retirement.

Until such a time that the petition filed against you is resolved, I shall remain with my rank as C/ASI and report to immigration headquarters for work.
C/ASI Omar T.Camara
Secretary General

Photo credit: Freedom newspaper


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