Jerusalem Finally Seated by Trump –A Cause for More Concern


By Yero.

It is not at all surprising that Jerusalem, a Middle Eastern city in dispute, is claimed by many Abrahaem religions, top among them Muslims, Christians, and the Jews, according to Wikipedia. Muslims and Jews both claim the city as their capital city, for Palestine and Israel. This owes itself to deep religious connections. The area has an ugly past where the U.S always favored Israel’s aggression (use of deadly force) against the unarmed Palestinians; the very memories of the region’s leaders, Yasser Arafat, Ariel Sharon, and Netanyahu. The latter two were just so criminal and almost wiped out poor unarmed Palestinian women and children.

Recently, U.S leader, Trump tweeted, “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I am also directing the State Department to begin preparation to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…”

It is really not much to a political fist like Trump, a very divisive trait at best. If you expect anything good from him, you will bite your tongue time and again. Trump is a poor taste, a bad breed. If you take him for who he is, you will hardly get a surprise. Trump again, as argued by Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, defies logic, and goes all out to appeal to political bases. Without doubt, world peace and co-existence is once again tampered with. I am really not sure what interest Trump hopes to gain from this pronouncement apart from pleasing his pleasantries (in this case Israel and the Jewish communities), one thing is clear; it adds more trouble to the region. It gives reason to some of the settling conflict to re-ignite again, a long held battlefield for ages. It is clear to see that American interest (worldwide) is endangered; America will continue to sit as target by extremist groups. But Trump don’t care, and what matters in his world is satisfaction of his long held ego and political jealousy, from building walls around the Mexican border, to being the most divisive American Leader.

What would be a true resolution? Not quite easy a thought, as the area is under dispute. One thing is my thought process – engaging both parties for resolution would have closed the chapter once and for good, provided that parties reach a resolution. Others might argue that Washington always held this thought that Jerusalem belongs to Israel (Jews), even to where the level Trump took it is the seating ceremony. Even to where this might not all be accurate, there is some element of truth in it. It adds credibility to the growing mistrust between Muslims and Western nations like America. Whatever work has been done in the past, is probably back to zero. UN might argue that this is Trump’s opinion, and it doesn’t hold for the International scene. Ok, let us see how that will go. It will be interesting.

Among all the things deserving world condemnation, this is one of a kind. I join the rest of the world voices of decent to condemn Trump in the strongest terms, for putting America and the region (Israel and Palestine) in more danger, and even beyond. I call on all concerned world citizens and leaders to condemn Trump and encourage a mutual dialogue for lasting peace.

In conclusion, I couldn’t agree more, as argued by Jennifer Rubin, thus: “When it comes to Trump, the overriding preoccupation is with pleasing his base — which usually means doing the opposite of what President Barack Obama did. In that regard, his move ‘worked.’ Christians United for Israel, a 3.8 million-member pro-Israel group of mostly evangelicals, is praising him to the hilt. But Trump lacks a coherent foreign policy — and grand one-off gestures (a strike on Syria, decertifying the Iran deal, recognizing Jerusalem) are a poor substitute. Furthermore, the danger is that these symbolic actions — pushed by reckless right-wing politicians and hyped-up commentators — have detrimental real-world consequences that make the United States weaker and separate us from our traditional allies. In this case, we should pray the backlash is limited and containable,”


Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin. Culled from the Web on 12/06/2017.


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