Is EFS a forgotten Founding Father? Exec. Bad Driving and Award Winning Refugees


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

This is a series of short stories and opinions on Edward Francis Small the forgotten founding father, Executive bad driving in The Gambia and how an award-winning Refugee is putting seasoned Immigration Lawyers to shame.

My Smalls View on Independence and our Founding Father’s

For me David Jawara was a colonialist poster boy. Posing in his fancy cars and ordering march past just like our massers. I personally don’t want to be like the colonialist. The real Independent fighters were forced into exile and vehemently refused to accept nonsense from the colonialist. Did you know that Edward Francis Small wrote letters to the Queen demanding better treatment of workers?

Today modern day Gambians can’t even organise a proper Workers Union. Why because we are not willing to acknowledge the true revolutionaries. Study their methods and emulate them. We need an #Independent State of Mind, our own way of celebrating starting with a sober reflection of where we stand in the world today and continue to reduce wastage and spending on foolish march pass.

I think it’s better we review our resources and how we can harness them to our national benefit. The future generation must have something to grow stronger and smarter than us. This is what Peace Progress and Prosperity looks like to me.

Happy 54th Independence Day Gambia!

Edward Francis Small The Gambia’s Watchdog

Swerving for my Life – An Executive Example of Bad Driving in The Gambia

This is a short story of how I almost lost my life driving in The Gambia when a VP number plated vehicle almost smashed into me. I survived a similar close shave driving during Jammeh era and now in the Barrow era. Driving in The Gambia is a very dangerous affair. You could be heading home from a hard day’s work and from nowhere a danfo driver slams right into you. Citizens, taxi drivers and pretty much everybody drives dangerously giving police a hard time to do their job.

However, members of the Executive and high profile government officials drive even more recklessly and are not policed at all. In fact, if you are hit by any of these speeding convoys you are automatically in the wrong. They drive at crazy speeds and often towards opposing traffic. It was like this during the Jammeh era and it seems this trend is continuing in the Barrow era. If the executive practices such crazy driving then what do you expect the citizens to follow?

One can understand when a convoy is preceded by a motorcycle which clears the road from traffic however, on both occasions when I had to manoeuvre quickly for my life there was no motorcycle and the vehicles were travelling at high speed in the opposing direction.

In Jammeh’s era, it was a fully kitted armoured vehicle with a torrent on the top coming full speed in my direction. Just last week I escaped from a convoy of VP number plated vehicles driving against traffic with no warning. In both instances, I had to swerve quickly off the road. I thank God that I didn’t have a ditch on the side as I could have plunged to my death.

Many children have been killed by these crazy rushing convoys during Jammeh’s era and we need to continue to condemn this now before more lives are lost needlessly. If these leaders must drive so recklessly because we pay for their cars, their drivers and fuel their cars I believe the least they can do is to drive recklessly without killing taxpayers.

Executive Convoys must;

  1. Have a motorcycle with sirens clearing up traffic in the direction of their travel.
  2. Avoid driving against opposing traffic. There is no reason to block two lanes of traffic for a convoy traveling in one direction.
  3. Only be used by designated individuals and must be justified. In some African countries, you can even hire a convoy.

Motorcycle Escort clearing traffic

Award Winning Refugee Expose What Immigration Lawyers Can’t!

While Refugees are winning awards for fighting cruel immigration policies some seasoned lawyers are on social media defending those same cruel immigration policies.

Guess what? Those same immigration lawyers are making a killing everytime they represent immigrants in court, fill in their immigration forms, speak to immigrants. Do you think an immigration lawyer really wants the system to change?

In my lifetime I have provided free support for immigrants. I’ve helped them write statements and provided free advice as far as my knowledge could reach. Meanwhile, immigration lawyers charge a killing for the same thing. These lawyers ain’t gonna play with our minds because they studied a law degree.

Not trying to knock their hustle cuz there’s probably some good immigration lawyers out there. The main problem is the fact that immigration policies in most Eurocentric countries are cruel, anti-african and racist. Simples. The problem is the law which must change.

I respect expert knowledge but that expert knowledge often does not favour Africa. It seems our experts have been brainwashed in their learning. Coming out with a very revealing piece on this.

Read more about the award-winning Refugee’s work here.


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