Insight Training Centre Fence Demolished by Student


By Sol Slim Njie, edited by Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Around 3pm on 16th April 2019, a student of Insight Institute Training Centre crashed into the institution’s fence resulting in a partial collapse of the fence.

The collision took place between a sand truck driver and a silver and black coloured private vehicle containing three passengers.

The spectators didn’t reserve any condemnation for the driver’s over speeding adding that the driver is fond of driving at high speed.

According to an eye witness “the driver of the Car was trying to overtake the truck driver but he wasn’t allowed by the truck driver, because of this, he lost control and almost ran over me, but i was lucky enough to dive him with my bicycles and fall to the football field whiles he knocked the wall down” he stated.

Another witness also blamed the driver for driving recklessly within a residential area, he added that he was lucky to escape unscathed from the inrushing students vehicle. “The speed the driver was driving was overwhelming and uncalled for, he is lucky that none of them sustained injuries” he asserted.

Reacting to allegations of overspeeding the driver explained that “every person is analysing the story from their perspective but i know the effort I did to rescue myself”.

The accident left the car and the fence with extensive damage fortunately, however, there were no casualties. The truck driver stopped for about half hour and then continued on his journey.


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