If Tomorrow Comes


If tomorrow comes
They find only bones
In their name a ton of loans
They’re just among the Joneses
They won gold but given bronze

If tomorrow comes and ur children
Realize d loans in their name are tons
That you used their money to buy guns
That their supposed reserve has no funds

If tomorrow comes they see buildings
Dilapidated, rough and dirty surroundings
That the cost of living keeps increasing
And they’re told to go on believing

If tomorrow comes there’s hindrance
They find they have no endurance
The development is a semblance
Their little income has no significance

They’ve no connection with the world
That they’ve to do whatever they’re told
That they’ve no reason of being bold
Poverty has in their home a stronghold

If tomorrow comes they’ve no influence
They miss out in the confluence
They are overwhelmed by d malfeasance
They’re impressed by others’ affluence!

Tha Scribbler



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