IBKF to donate 1.6 Million Face Masks on 25th January 2021


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

The Ida Bass Kidney Foundation (IBKF) is a UK registered charity providing medical care and support to Gambians such as free Kidney Dialysis treatment at the main referral Hospital and other medical support such as donations of medical equipment and more recently face masks.

As the country prepares preventive measures for the second wave of Covid 19, IBKF will be donating a total of 1.6 Million Disposable Facemasks to up to 20 different institutions at the Kotu Central Medical Store on Monday 25th January 2021 from 12 Midday.

The donations are made possible through the assistance of Full Support Group – a leading PPE manufacturer and their freight partner, Ligentia also based in the UK.

The donation is worth over D34 Million Dalasis, arguably the largest consignment of facemasks in the Gambia. It is anticipated that the face masks will help the Gambia minimise the risk of cross-infection for some of the most vulnerable people including medical practitioners and frontline workers.

Below is the list of the beneficiaries of the face mask donation.

IBKF Face mask Donation Beneficiaries

IBKF Face mask Donation Beneficiaries

About IBKF

The Ida Bass Kidney Foundation (IBKF) was founded in June 2013 by Sailey Fladsrud following the diagnoses of her mother, Ida Bass with End-Stage Renal Disease in The Gambia. Unfortunately, her mother passed away in September 2013 due to lack of adequate treatment. The charity has since been working with the Ministry of Health to improve kidney care in The Gambia. Also, to develop new services and improve the outcomes for people with kidney disease.

For more information contact Sailey Fladsrud, Founder, sailey.fladsrud@ibkf.org.uk


2014 Trip to Gambia, Founder Sailey next to Donated Dialysis Equipment

2014 Trip to Gambia, Founder Sailey next to Donated Dialysis Equipment


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