I Swear am Not a Politician: A Poem


                              I Swear am Not a Politician.

But if I were, I would have inspired Gambian youths to harness their fullest potentials with pride and dignity at home by speaking to and investing in them. 
I would have unveiled the greatest talent and untapped human Resource in our society women and give them leadership in every sector.
I would have made corruption a crime punishable by life imprisonment and or death sentence if found quilty.
I would have hired and or repatriated the best and brightest among our citizens whose patriotism is unquestionable.
I would have put a moratorium on any more borrowing by our government and instead use our multi-million dollar public corporations to invest in our economy.

                     I Swear am not a politician

But If I were, I would have invested into the productive sectors of our economy to create jobs, new business entrepreneurs and generate wealth for our people and more revenue for Gov’t
I would have transformed our real estate and land regulations into a multi-billion dalasis industry.
I would have cut our diplomatic missions to five one in each continent saving billions of tax payers’ money.
I would have cut government travel expenses 80%, limited only to most essential missions thereby saving billions of tax payers money.
I would have allocated 25% of our budget to Agriculture, 25% to education and 25% to Health and eliminate hunger and importation of basic food supplies within four years.

                           I Swear am not a politician

But if I were, I would have hired the best academics to transform our education system into a 21st century educational standard system.
I would have imported technical experts and consultants team them up with Gambians to build systems and independent institutions that will transform our tiny country into the envy of Africa.

                         I Swear am not a politician

But if I were, I would have created a civic education institution that build an informed citizenry who would know and exercise their fundamental Democratic and constitutional rights to freedom of information and political associations without hindrance.
I would have ban and or expose the destructive false maslaha that continue to plague our society in the cover of darkness.
I would have inspired a civil service and citizenry who will take ownership of the country by putting the interest of the people first by building our infrastructure, independent institutions and protecting our environment.
I would have transformed the Army and SIS into a highly trained and professional police force who will become service oriented and undivided loyalty not to government but the country.

I swear am not a politician am just an aspiring business entrepreneur.

By Demba Baldeh


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