Hello Mr. President; More Grease to the Elbows of Our Police….



More Grease to the Elbows of Our Police….

According to reports, three men have been remanded in custody for taking part in the illegal stripping and beating of a suspected thief. This action was also captured on video which went viral on the Internet.

Many rights’ activists condemned the use of mob justice and called on the Gambia Police Force to launch an investigation with a view to bringing the culprits to book as we are living in an era of the Rule of Law. The Police did not disappoint.

The professionalism and the investigative prowess of the Gambia Police Force has once again been established. This shows that the GPF is serious about fighting crime and ensuring that we live in a crime-free society. This is indeed commendable.

I want to use this opportunity to express profound thanks to our gallant police offices [both men and women] for the swift action taken to right the wrong done to this unidentified individual. No matter the crime, no one deserves the inhumane treatment meted out to that individual. So, it is good that the police have identified and captured the perpetrators of this heinous act.

Mr President, this action of our gallant police reveals that given the necessary resources our police can indeed be very effective in the fight against crime of all types. All resources means a good and reasonable paycheck which will make them less vulnerable to succumbing to bribes and other forms of illicit incentives.

Again, the necessary tools include enough vehicles with adequate fuel supply to ensure that they can be mobile at all times so as to swiftly reach crime scenes. This is essential.

Mr President, considering the nature of crimes now, it would be prudent for our police officers to be armed so that they are not at a disadvantage when they tackle crimes.

The other tool needed by the police to do their work effectively and efficiently is professional training. In fact, the police force should no longer be seen as a last resort. People think that when you can’t find a job anywhere else, you join the force. This perception should change.

Being a police officer is a noble venture because it has to do with saving lives and properties. Nothing can be nobler, or more important. Hail the police!

Thank you Gambia Police Force!

Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah, 

A Concerned Citizen


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