HELLO MR PRESIDENT… Cutting off Losses…


In a struggle to achieve certain ideals and perfections, members who share the same ideas, beliefs and ideals come together for a united purpose. Most of the time, these (the people who share the objective) understand that achieving their goals is bigger than any one of them. As such, the fall of one does not stop the others from marching forward.

It is for this reason that whenever it has been found that one of those fighters has done or said something that is inimical to their overall objectives, such a person would either be forced to resign gracefully or be sacked to protect the continuation of the struggle.

This will be for the interest of the greater objective, the greater good, if you like. The work and sacrifices of thousands of people cannot be wasted because of the actions of one individual. This is what strugglers refer to as ‘cutting your losses’.

In the past one year, one of your cabinet ministers, Mr Hamat Bah, has done a lot of damage [to our cause]because of his ranting and the inexplicable attacks on certain sections of society and indeed some countries.

First, Mr Bah made disparaging remarks about ‘bumsters’ saying that they should be locked up. Then he made statements that Gambians in Europe should come home and get married. This was unacceptable.

The remarks against Thailand were still being talked about when he made other remarks about Senegal, your close ally. If your Coalition government’s aims and objectives of making the Gambia a democratic and advanced country, then this behavior is unacceptable and should be nipped in the bud. This is if we intend to rebuild the respect and honour we lost in the past twenty-two years.

We were exultant last year that we had rid ourselves of a dictator who had alienated the Gambia from most of the international community due to his policies. Our struggle was to restore the image of the country and reestablish the ties that we lost in the past.

Government functionaries are representative of the people and the country. When therefore they speak, it should be in a measured and informed manner. They should not go around making statements which can cause a rift between the Gambia and other countries.

I call for Mr Hamat Bah to curtail his speeches and measure them. He is no longer an ordinary person. He is a minister of state for heaven’s sake. If he cannot do this, then let him resign or be sacked.

Have a Good Day Mr President…

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen


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