Happy Ramadan to the entire Muslim Ummah and all Gainako Followers


From Team Gainako

Today marks the first day of Ramadan, a month of fasting for Muslims to commemorate the revelation of the Quran. In a world increasingly polarized by religion, Gainako’s religiously diverse team wishes to take this opportunity to reach out to our followers and wish you all a blessed month of fasting, prayers and reflection on the values of charity and humanity. Below are some personal messages from the Gainako Family to all our amazing followers.

From Adama Makasuba slave and servant of Allah

‘Ramadan Mubarak! to everyone across the globe. I pray to Allah to accept our fasts and forgive us our sins committed knowingly or unknowingly. May Allah restore peace and stability into places engulfed by war and instability.

As we enter into the month of Ramadan, I urge everyone, especially Gambians to help each other as God will reward you back tenfold. May the Almighty soften all our hearts and weave them closer with love. I am wishing each and everyone a bless Ramadan and long lasting peace and stability in The Gambia and around the World.’


Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

‘Only three weeks ago I was lucky to have my Muslim brothers and sisters join me in celebrating Easter. Today in the same spirit of inter faith celebrations I want to seize this opportunity to wish the entire Muslim Ummah a blessed Ramadan. A Ramadan of charity, a Ramadan of forgiveness and a Ramadan of Reconciliation.

Quoting the words of the TRRC’s Lead Counsel, Essa Faal ‘This country needs healing. We cannot heal if we do not embrace one another, we cannot heal if we do not show kindness to one another.’


Ciz JJ

‘Werru Koor, Werr bu Sella. I pray for God’s abundant blessings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters in this month of Ramadan. Let us not forget to pray more, forgive and share the little we have with the needy. May Allah answer all our Prayers. Ramadan Kareem, Werru Koor Jaama.’


Amadou Barry

‘I wish to take this opportunity to wish the entire Islamic Ummah a blessed and peaceful Ramadan. May we witness many more with joy and baraka. Please allow me to seek for your forgiveness. May Allah continue to bless us all. Cikaw cikanam Team Gainako. Begueh!’

Ramadan Kareem from Team Gainako

Ismaila Fadera

‘O Allah, Allow us to benefit from Ramadan and use it to earn your mercy, and emancipation from the eternal fire. May peace continue to rain in our blessed motherland, The Gambia.’


Juldeh Njie

‘Today marks the first day of Ramadan. An important month for Muslims and non-Muslims all over the world because it reminds us of our purpose in this Dunya ‘World’. Ramadan helps us reflect on the importance of humanity.

Ramadan is a month for forgiveness, kindness, sharing and caring. Let us take this opportunity to forgive, to love and to be each others keeper. May we all use it to erase all our past sins and start with a fresh page. This Ramadan I urge us all to help the needy and less privileged. #NeverAgainToHatred #WeAreOnePeople #WeAreCapableOfGoodness.’


Sol Slim Njie

‘As we celebrate the commencement of this holy month of Ramadan, we want to take this opportunity to wish a joyful month to our loyal followers. We wish you a special and happy Ramadan full of blessings and joy. May God forgive us our sins, endow us with more health assurance, peace of mind and a stable society. To the sick, may you find healing mercies during this holy month.’


Demba Baldeh

‘In this blessed month of prayer, forgiveness and giving, we pray that Allah continue to heal our nation. May he guide our leaders and give them the courage to do right by the people. We remember the fallen, pray for the sick and suffering. To The Gambia ever true.’

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