Happy 4th of July to the Greatest Democracy and its People – USA




It’s that time again. She clocks 237 years today.  Fireworks. Barbecue.  Games. Travels. Music. Family get-togethers. Cruises.  Camping. Holidays.  Moreover, a reflection on the day and how far America advanced in terms of development, medical advancement, respect for human rights, food sufficiency, sovereignty, education and the very fact of its diversity shows real independence.

When you compare her to other nations, you will get to know how great she is, perhaps best described by Emma Lazarus in her poem, “The New Colossus”.  I must candidly say Emma’s poem captured the real definition of America.  Is there a chance that Africa will get to this level by some odd chance? I do not expect a yes or no answer. I just want all of us to think about it. The many loose dictator breeds holding the African continent and its people hostage for their own self-aggrandizement and power greed must sink now and forever. The truth is they are the problem holding the continent from achieving its true independence.

We wish you all a happy 4th!

Long Live America!!


Best always,





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