GPU Announces Gambia National Journalism Awards Nominations


About the Award: Gambia National Journalism Awards

The Gambia National Journalism Awards is part of the Gambia Press Union Annual Commemoration of World Press Freedom Day. The aim of the award is to honour courageous and hardworking journalists whose work influence positive transformations in the country, while enhancing the journalism profession.

Rules and Eligibility

Who is eligible: The competition is open to all journalists working in The Gambia.

What is eligible: Work must be published/broadcast between January 1, 2017 and December 31st, 2017. Entries are restricted to Gambian-based publications. Opinion articles, advertorials, work produced under contract for commercial promotion and newsletter issues/articles are not eligible.

The Rules: You may submit as many entries as desired. However, DO NOT submit more than two works for a single category. Also, a single work CANNOT be submitted in more than one category.
Submissions can also be made by any Editor for another journalist, irrespective of whether that journalist is a member of his/her staff.

Print Entries: Submit scanned entries as pdf either via email – or, in a sealed envelope to be addressed to Chairman, GPU Award Committee.
Audio and Video Entries: Enter audio and video work by providing Sound Cloud or YouTube links of the entry or, put it on a flash drive or CD and deliver it at the GPU Secretariat.

All OFFLINE submissions should be address to the Chairman, the GPU AWARD Committee, and delivered at the GPU secretariat. New Allotment Area Fajara.

Application forms are available at the GPU Secretariat. Forms can also be sent via email upon request from – All print and online entries should show the name of the author, headline and date of publication while audio and video entries should have the signature of the author.

Judges: All submissions are adjudicated by a panel of seven independent media experts to be appointed by the GPU Award Committee. If, in any category, the panel of judges find that submissions did not meet the desired standards, they may decide not to award a winner.
Besides accuracy, relevance, style, grammar, and objectivity, the judges are looking for: What impact did your story have?

Prizes: Three finalists will be announced in each category with the winner in each receiving a trophy. Winners for some categories may receive a cash prize.

Sponsors are free to offer any other prize to the winners of their respective categories.
Presentation: The finalists will be announced in Mid-April, and the winners will be announced at the ceremony on May 4th. Award Categories

Business Reporting Award: Entries should cover reporting in any aspect of the economy or business venture.
Sports Reporting Award
Entries should relate to reporting on sports – coverage of sporting events; business behind sport and features on personalities.

Environment Reporting Award: Entries should relate to environmental issues: protection of the environment; conservation; climate change and innovative ways to combat environmental damage.
Features Reporting Award
This award recognises excellence in long-form, in-depth reporting on any political, economic, social or cultural issue.

Health & Medical Reporting Award: Entries should include coverage of prevention, protection and treatment of diseases and conditions; cost and development of healthcare; and the impact of health issues on communities.

Women’s Reporting Award: Entries should relate to reporting on any aspect of women’s issues in the Gambia.
Children’s Reporting Award Entries should relate to reporting on any aspect of issues involving children in The Gambia.

Travel, Tourism and Culture Reporting Award: 

Entries should relate to reporting on any aspect of travel and tourism, including how it affects the economy and socio-cultural settings.

Agriculture Reporting Award: Entries should cover any coverage of agriculture– farming, aquaculture etc.

Political Reporting Award: Entries should cover reporting on domestic politics, including coverage of political events and personalities.

Human Rights Reporting Award: Entries for this category should cover reporting on human rights.

Court Reporting Award: Entries for this category should cover reports from the local courts.

Best Community Radio Programme Award: Entries for this category should cover programmes broadcast from the community radios. Five different editions of the programme should be submitted.

Closing Date for Submissions: Saturday 31st March, 2018


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