GDF Release Details of Funds Donated to the Coalition from Gambian Diaspora


The Gambia Democracy Fund (GDF) the Diaspora organization tasked to collect donation funds for the opposition coalition during the election campaign has released detail figures on the amounts of money donated by Gambians in the Diaspora during the campaign. In a brief Press Statement GDF thank all donors who “dug deep in their pockets” to contribute to the coalition. The organization also recognizes and thanks multiple donors who were determined to see change happen in the Gambia. GDF recognizes that the incredible involvement by the Gambian Diaspora in the December elections was A Game Changer for the Coalition. 

In total Gambians in the Diaspora donated to the Opposition Coalition $102,359 which amounts to D4,201,425 Gambian Dalasis (Four Million two hundred one thousand four hundred and twenty five Dalasis).  In its press statement GDF recognizes that movements for change are often successful by the involvement of the people. That Gambians did not turn to international donors but rather dug in their pockets including children who emptied their piggy banks to contribute to this historic change. GDF also extended its gratitude to the Gambian online media who provided platforms and air time for the Fundraising campaigns. Gambians must be proud of their refusal to be disenfranchised by voting through their pockets and influence over their families and friends said a prominent GDF member. Below is the press statement from GDF as was released to the media including details spreadsheet on funds collected, when they were sent and who received them in. 

Press Statement From Gambian Democracy Fund (GDF) 

Dear GDF Donors & Online Media,

Gambia Democracy Fund – GDF, would like to thank all of you who dug deep into your pockets to donate towards the Coalition 2016 Election campaign. With every movement, it is the will of the people that makes it successful. During this fundraising event, we have seen people donate multiple times! Historically, movements fighting to remove dictatorship and restore democracy have turned to international organizations for financial support. In the case of The Gambia, it is you, The Gambian citizens, who used your own resources to defeat Yahya Jammeh during the December 1st, 2016 elections.

During our fundraising simulcasts, we were deeply moved when diaspora Gambian children under the age of 18, emptied their “piggy banks” and donated because they wanted to see Gambia free. Today, these children will be able to visit a democratic Gambia and enjoy the freedom!

We saw your unprecedented urge to see change and today, your mission has been accomplished. Decades from now, when you sit down with your children and grandchildren and talk to them about dictatorship in our country, you can explain your role in that historic event! You made history.

To our online radios and newspapers, we know time is money and we would not have been successful without you. You donated endless amounts of airtime and your free time away from your families, just to help in this urgent and important venture. We promised transparency about the amount of money raised by GDF, and we also promised to provide detailed accounts of when monies were disbursed. Below is that list. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact GDF.


Amount Sent

Sending fees

Amount + Fees

Amount in Dalasis








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Once again, thanks for making GDF and the Coalition 2016 campaign successful.

Sincerely, Gambia Democracy Fund Executive

For questions and concerns please send email to:


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