GDC Will Never Allow One Rotten Tomato To Spoil The Whole Basket



It is sad that, Musa Batchilly is no longer a member of the GDC party, and has been given the boot with immediate effect. The GDC did not mention anything to warrant his dismissal, and in line with the party’s ethics and code of conduct, it is a duty to maintain the principle of political correctness and the protection on ones privacy even after parting ways, but such a correctness has its limit, and Batchily has dared the GDC leadership by touching the tail of a sleeping lion, when a smear campaign becomes one of a disgruntled former member’s tactic aimed specifically to tarnish the party’s image, we will respond in kind to protect and defend the integrity of the party.

Musa Batchilly is dismissed from the party for improper and unlawful conduct and immoral nefarious activities, a barrage of warnings were cautioned for him to refrain going against the party’s set policy and conduct, but he never heed to any warning, I was staggered of the outright dishonesty unabashedly spewed by Bachilichly, saying he resigned from the party on 13th May 2017 well before the expulsion letter, this is not true, I personally had a discussion with him, he encouraged me of doing a great job for the GDC and I must keep it up, this was June 13th 2017, he never reveal to me that he resigned from the party, I challenge him to provide an evidence of his resignation letter, there’s no record of a resignation letter by Batchilly to the IEC and to the GDC secretariat, No one has seen or sign Bachilly’s purported resignation letter, this shows how manipulative and inaccurate he is..

Mr Bachilly made a deliberate distortion, implicating Mamma Kandeh and the leadership of the GDC of financial irregularities and lack of bank account, this is an utter misleading statement which is a smear tactic to negate GDC’s image. Batchilly is a crook and a phony, a manipulator who got the bullet from the executive as a result of his immorality and misconduct, he is using different names and has multiple passports, he’s a scammer, a con-artist, a fraudster and must never be trusted.

The GDC do not want an instance where Bachilly’s misconduct will lead the party to be dragged to court, his engagement with the GDC has been very destructive and toxic, which is not good for the image of the party. The GDC will never look with sympathy to anyone who wants to destroy the integrity and the strength of the party, the D50,000 he pride himself of paying part of the IEC registration fee was on a credit basis and the party had to refund him the money which we did. The GDC will continue to commit it self to strong action against corruption, we have survived and will continue to survive the test of endurance against dubious allegations. We have a strong commitment in the service of the people and as long as the party remains we will continue our journey in nation building. The GDC has no regret in loosing Batchily.

By Samba Jallow New York


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