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In an exclusive rare encounter with a strong female political aspirant in the Gambia, Gainako’s Banjul correspondent conducted an interview with Aja Fatoumata Tambang who joined the United Democratic Party at its hold up in Fass by police. Mrs Tambajang a former UNDP employee and an experience civil servant let out her reasons for joining the United Democratic Party on their confrontation with the police.. Below is the brief encounter with Mrs. Tambang.

Interview with Aja Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang – 20th April 2015

During the recent UDP Fass standoff with Security Forces one brave female politician was in no mood to go into hiding or remain muted. Our correspondent Dbanjulist caught up with her and this is what she had to say. You can see some of her photos below.

Mr. Fatoumatta Tambajang alluded that she was a resident of Kanifing Municipality and a fula by tribe. She is commonly known as Fatoumatta Jallow but still maintains her late husband’s name.

” I was motivated to join the UDP on this issue because; I believe it’s not right at all for the police to deny them a permit and the right to move freely. I believe I can support them by at least showing solidarity through being physically present to help the fight to end the current tyranny violating the rights of Gambians. The current regime does not care about human rights and the welfare of its citizens. I was not influenced by anyone to join the standoff, but I believe that I have a role to play in effecting change in our beloved Gambia.” She asserted.

“Before the tyranny, The Gambia was the Smiling coast of Africa but now under Jammeh’s reign we have now become the Whipping Coast of Africa. Jammeh should seriously consider releasing all political prisoners, listen to human rights recommendations and exercise democracy and good governance.”

Madam Tambajang confirmed that she will be part of the UDP entourage until the end of the tour, and will help in sensitising Gambians on implementing change in the Gambia. She went further to say that everyone knows the current hardship facing the Gambia, even her grandchildren are aware of all the atrocities taking place under Jammeh`s watch.

“As long as I am alive I will always be willing to help effect change in The Gambia”

Aja Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang recalled that she had been working abroad for many years wih the UNDP, in New York and Liberia. She admitted to being a UDP sympathiser before her travels. After which she decided to return home to her beloved Gambia.

Mrs Tambajang is one of several vibrant Gambian women who are now prepared and ready to enter the political scene to free the Gambia from its current predicament. She is without a doubt a vibrant politicians who has served in the current administration in its early days. She was one of those who came to the rescue of the young junter when they needed seasoned diplomats and experience civil servants to lay down a foundation for a successful transition from military rule to civilian. However, to her utmost disappointment the young military soldiers led by Jammeh decided to stay the course in power. It has since been hell in Gambia’s political affairs.

Mrs Tambajang was relieved of her duties after Yahya Jammeh fell apart with his strong Vice Councillor Sana Sabally in the hay days of the AFPRC. Mr. Sabally is believed to be related to Ms Tambajang thus when he was arrested she was let go as well. Gainako will monitoring Mrs. Tambajang’s tour with the UDP and will bring readers updates as they happen. For now there is hope that Gambian women are willing and ready to step up and safe the country from tyranny.

Interview was conducted by Gainako’s new Banjul correspondent – Dbanjulist


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