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Who are Terangas?

Terangas is arguably Gambia’s premier tool for shopping online in The Gambia, especially for Gambians who live abroad and need to get things done conveniently and on the go. Established in 2017 with just 10 products the online market now boasts thousands of products to their customers. With such a wide product range you can now pay for your loved one’s monthly grocery shopping, buy construction materials, gifts for special occasions, and all your everyday essentials with the click of a button.

We’ve all been there, after working hard all month, you send money home from abroad and the recipient, or maybe your contractor does something totally different with it. Worse still is when it affects your relationship with the individual – a priceless commodity. To save you the hassle, switch to Terangas and let them give you the freedom to pay for your Gambia shopping online and have it delivered straight to an address of your choice.

Get all your “Family Essentials” with Terangas

On-Time Delivery for your Everyday Necessities

One of the main benefits of Terangas is their delivery service. Not only can you buy things you need online for anyone in The Gambia, but they can also deliver it for you meaning your mother, wife and loved ones no longer have to transport heavy bags of rice. Their drivers will take care of everything and deliver your order straight to the compound door.

Buy larger items like TVs, fridges, and construction supplies online and let Terangas deal with all the hassle of organizing and delivering the products to a location of your choice. Same day delivery for most products makes the whole process convenient and fast.

Manage your Expenses and Save with Terangas

One of the main advantages of Terangas is that it allows you to buy everyday necessities like rice, cash power, and phone credit while giving you control and visibility over your expenses. To register takes minutes allowing you to easily track your expenses and make repeat orders quicker, giving you complete control and visibility.

The online shopping tool not only makes it faster and more convenient to get things done in The Gambia but saves you time and money by avoiding unnecessary payments. The usual money transfers force you to pay transfer fees at poor exchange rates. Your loved ones also need to travel to collect the transfer and again to the supermarket. Alternatively, shop smart with Terangas and cut all the extra charges by only paying for the product you want and a delivery fee, saving you time and money.

As simples as 1, 2, 3

Enjoy Worldwide Shopping via Terangas App

From construction materials to gifts for special occasions, they are all available via Terangas website and brand new app. You can now surprise your loved ones from anywhere in the world. Paying is very easy because the app accepts Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, and even cash payments at their office in Kotu (opposite Palma Rima) or upon delivery. Download the free app “Terangas Gambia” today from the Google Play store for Android or the App Store for iPhone.

The great thing about Terangas is that you can shop online from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and be sure that your family will receive it. They provide great customer care service via their online chatbox, email correspondence, phone calls, as well as a physical office where customers can visit. A member of Gainako’s Promotion team visited their office to see how they operate and was highly impressed with the number of positive customer feedback they saw.


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