Gambians Must RESIST A Barrow Dictatorship…


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It’s been creeping, but it has finally manifested its ugly head. Many of us have long seen and warned Gambians about the disturbing signs by President Barrow following in the footsteps of the dictator he replaced just a year ago. Beginning with his acceptance of gifts from businessmen in Dakar; attempting to manipulate the constitution to appoint the “VPByForce” of his choosing; setting up private foundations for himself and wife; maintaining or appointing accomplices and enablers of the dictator; refusal to declare assets; bribing the members of parliament with vehicles from anonymous donors…etc. All showed that Barrow and his gang were headed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, many Gambians were so blinded by their pleasure to see Jammeh booted, that some lacked the foresight and a good number of others chose to turn a blind eye because they thought it would favor them or the political party they support. Due to one or a combination of the above reasons, critics were shouted down, called names and accused of harboring a grudge or being unpatriotic Read the Rest here


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