Gambian US Embassy in DC to Open Consular Office in the Pacific Northwest; Looking for an Honorary Consul Representative



The Gambian Ambassador to the U.S recently visited Seattle and had a meeting with some members of the Gambian community. During the meeting, the Ambassador mentioned The Gambia governments’ desire to establish a consular office in the state of Washington which consideration was based on the large Gambian presence in the pacific North West of the United States.


A Gambian Honorary Consulate in the United States is meant to provide complementary coverage and services to Gambian citizens across the United States .  An honorary consulate is headed by an honorary consul who is answerable to the Ambassador. Honorary consuls are private individuals who take care of their responsibilities without remuneration. Given their long years of working experience in the United States, they should be well connected and have an intimate knowledge of conditions within their jurisdiction and should be in a position to provide valuable assistance to Gambians in emergency situations. The job description of an Honorary consul is as follows:

1. Monitor the rights of Gambians within its jurisdiction are respected and provide consulate assistance.
2. Provide advice, assistance and guidance for distressed Gambians
3. Authenticate documents to proven Gambian citizens
4. Issue Emergency Travel documents and Consular I.D. Cards to proven Gambian Citizens
5. Facilitate contacts between Gambian and local authorities within its jurisdiction
6. In collaboration with the embassy in Washington DC, promotes economic and cultural relations between The Gambia and the United States of America
7. Initiate or take part in activities that will enhance the good image of The Gambia


To be eligible for appointment as a Gambian Honorary consul in the United States of America, and to retain such status, a person must:

1. Be a Gambian citizen lawfully residing in the United States of America and has the capacity not to rely on the Government of the Gambia’s resources to undertake the assignment;
2. Be literate and fluent in two Gambian local languages
3. Have no criminal record
4. Be a person who is engaged in the Gambian community, well respected and has a demonstrated reputation of good standing and integrity
5. Not hold an office of profit or trust with the U.S Government or a position with a state, county, or other municipality of the United States and which is considered by such entity to be incompatible with the duties of an honorary consular office;
6. Obtain permission from the Secretary of the Department concerned, if he or she holds a commission as a Reserve Officer in any branch of the U.S Armed Forces;
7. Reside full-time in the area where the embassy is requesting representation; and
8. Be age 21 or over


1. Advise Gambian companies,for instance, in obtaining information about local business in the USA and identify possible collaboration partnership between Gambian and US companies
2. Attract investors to invest in key sectors in The Gambia in order to complement Government’s efforts to achieve the objectives of its development plan.

Selection of Representative

A five member volunteer team was put together during the Ambassador’s visit to assist in identifying a suitable candidate for the position. For the purpose of transparency and fairness, the committee decided to advertise the position. The committee has disseminate information for easy access to all members of the community through several outlets and as widely as possibly. If you know someone who may be suitable for the position, please inform encourage them to apply.

Applications and resumes should be submitted either by email or delivering a hard copy to any member of the committee. Names and contact information of committee members are as follows:

Seedy A Kanyi 206-335-3548
Pa Jali Seattle 253-840-6362/WhatsApp only 253-387-9405
Doctor Dibba 206-261-7710
Lady Bah
Tumani Marenah 206-225-8665

We look forward to receiving all applications on or before 10/06/2018. Below are the terms, and conditions required for the position.

By the Selection Committee


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