Gambian Opposition Grand Rallies to be Held December 14th &15th, 2013





The proposed Unity Rallies comprising of UDP, PPP, NRP, and GMC are scheduled to take place on Saturday December 14th 2013 in Serrekunda, and Sunday December 15th 2013 in Brikama. These unprecedented gatherings are the result of the ongoing collaboration between the opposition parties on the ground and the diverse diaspora community as represented by the Committee For The Restoration of Democracy in The Gambia (CORDEG).

The purpose of the rallies are to bring all the forces of democracy under one tent and then jointly fight the necessary battle to end tyranny. We call on all Gambians to show solidarity by supporting these critical efforts to bring our people together. We are specifically asking our compatriots on the ground to clear their schedules, shake their fears, and turn out in historic numbers to attend these two events. The key to resolving our long national nightmare is unity, dedication, and focusing on the cause that only we the Gambian people must pursue. We ask all who can provide resources to do so, those who can help with turn out through family and community connections to do so and more importantly we solicit the prayers and good wishes of all Gambians for the ultimate success of all the endeavors associated with the fight for justice. May God guide our actions.   Thank you!

CORDEG and GUC Rallies Communications.


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