Gambian Musicians Call For Entrepreneurship to Address “Backway Crisis”

By Omid Wisdom, @omidwisdom
Following the successes of his Hit Singles Black Love, Hot Like Summer and Wind Up last year, songs that have mashed up shows like the Mavado Concert in Gambia to local shows, given continuos rotation in big clubs and on international and local blogs and radios, nominated for best video of the year at the Wah Sa Halat  Awards just to say the least, Wisdom comes again, this time with an empowering message reminisce of his 2013/2014 album United Nation Human Right’s Declaration Themed “Born Free” – this new song released on the music site YouTube, speaks against the continuous slavery of Africans In Libya.
A song entitled “Not For Sale” done in collaboration with Red Entertainment and Afrroculture UK’s ‘I Am Not For Sale campaign’ based in the UK. This is the same artist who’s 2016 Hit “Taaka Ni Jant “was termed a song for New Gambia by a major paperback magazine in The Gambia and also featured on international music outlet MTV’s website. The song is also in memory of Sira ‘Chaat’ Muundow, who died on the perilous backway journey after being severely beaten by Libyan kidnappers, a story covered here on Whats’on Gambia a while back. Wisdom continues to urge our leaders to promote and facilitate, fund and support entrepreneurship for young people in the Gambia in order to reduce the backway problem.
A show will be held in The Gambia on 21st of April 2018  at Hypolink Kololi coordinated by I Am Not For Sale Campaign based in the UK including Wisdom and other Artists like Killa Ace to name a few in order to raise up funds to support some backway returnees. Wisdom has also just recently released a brand new love song entitled “Unexplainable” currently making waves nationwide.
To listen to the new singles “Not For Sale” –
In the light of some of his new material, here Hot Summer, nominated video of the year by Wah Sa Halat for your enjoyment.
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