Gambian Law Faculty receives book donations from Dr. Loum


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT, reporting by Ciz JJ

A group of Christians donated some books to the Gambian Law Faculty at the Office of the Chief Justice today, Wednesday 17th April 2019. The donations courtesy of Rev. John Loum, were received by the Attorney General Hassan B. Jallow at around midday.

The donation was courtesy of Dr. Rev. John Loum with input from the Jesuit University St. Louis. The donations were facilitated by Ministry of Justice’s Amine S Ceesay.

The presentation was attended by the Director General of the Law Faculty and members of the Judiciary which included Aminatta Saho Ceesay.

Speaking at the presentation Rev. Manley stated that “we were able to collect these things from the ports without any disturbance. I did not spend a single butut that was not going to Government coffers to get these books. There was no amount of corruption. I want to thank those people and I believe with such a system the people will be willing to send more. I will get back to Rev. John Loum. I will take back your appreciation and thanks for this gesture.”

He added that “I will continue to pray that all those who will use these items will use them to glorify God. Who is the Chief Judge of the World. On behalf of Rev. Dr Loum and my Bishop, His Lordship the Right Reverend James Odikoh, I thank you for receiving us and for accepting these books may God bless you all.”

In response the Director General of the Law Faculty, Mrs Thomasi accepted the donations with thanks saying “it is indeed a great honor and privilege for me to receive on behalf of the Gambia Law school this generous donation from Rev. Loum. If we have like 10 illustrious sons who are as generous and kind-hearted as Rev. Loum the library would be filled to the brim.”


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