VivianMother’s day 2013 weekend is here already , and  Atlanta Gambians  are once again making preparations to  attend  the  fifth annual Mother’s Day Picnic scheduled to take place on Sunday May 12th,  2013  Atlanta, Georgia.
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Organized on behalf of Gambian women and children, GFAA is hereby inviting Gambians and friends from all over to attend this remarkable weekend picnic  to  meet with friends  and enjoy with your family. 

GFAA is hereby notifying the general public that a new venue has been chosen for this year’s event which is centrally and conveniently  located for  the 2013 picnic activities.

The Grand Picnic will be held at Perkerson  Park  located at 770 Deckner Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30310 right  off Stewart Metropolitan  Avenue.

The organizers of the events are equally appealing to everyone in Atlanta to donate by joining this worthy endeavor  and also witness the much anticipated and  prestigious MOTHER OF THE YEAR award to be presented to one of the women of Atlanta.

Judging from the steady growth of  past Sunday picnics, GFAA is anticipating a much bigger crowd this year.  We therefore  kindly appeal and encourage all Gambians in the Atlanta area to  help by contributing  and participate in this remarkable event geared towards bringing friends and  families together.

With  music entertainment by local DJs  for the entertainment of the crowd, GFAA without a doubt guarantees a masterpiece and Mother’s Day picnic like none other before in Atlanta.

The weekend activities also include a package of fun programs for the children ,  health awareness and a basketball tournament  with many many more supriese!!

Because of  the increasing expenses  and  steady growth of  past Sunday picnics, GFAA is anticipating a much bigger crowd this year and  for that reason, we   kindly reiterate our appeal and encourage all Gambians in the area to  help in any shape or  form so that we can continue to organize this highly appreciated weekend through collective effort and participation.

The 2012 DVD for both Mother’s and Father’s Day  and you can see a glance of the excitement by buying a copy when u come to the activities so that we can continue to fund the activities.

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Finally, if you live in the Atlanta area and want to help, participate or need more information on how to join us in making this event possible,  please contact

Amie Coleh Sarr @678-773-7067 and  Dad Sanneh @404-805-9767.



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