Gambian author and police officer donates new books to students in Siffoe


By Momodou Sanneh

Essa Bah a young police writer donated 20 of his newly published books and 100 school-bags to students Siffoe Lower Basic School. The 27 year old Sergeant published his first book in 2017,  and his second book entitled “Dynamic Cultures and the African Child”.

During the presentation held at the school campus, Seargent Bah said the only way people can be transformed from being liabilities to valuable assets is through proper education. “What motivates me to with was when I was going to school my favorite subject was Literature but it is sad to say I have never read a novel that was written by our own Gambian writers.” The Young writer underscored.

Mr. Bah said as Gambians we have to take our own stand and start writing books and stop depending on international writers.

Essa thanked the all those who supported him such as the Child Protection Alliance and especially the Gambia Police Force. Madam Sunkary Jammeh Sanyang the head teacher of the School said education is the only weapon that can eradicate poverty and also promote democracy.

“Sometimes people thinks that education starts at the Upper Basic Level not knowing that the foundation of every things is what keeps it forever,” she said.

Students of Siffoe Lower Basic School


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