Gambian Afropop Hitmaker ‘Jizzle’ set for Distribution Deal with Universal Music


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

News that Gambian Afropop Musician, Jizzle has signed a one year music distribution deal with Universal Music has been making the rounds on social media. Gainako’s Flex Dan got in touch with the rising star’s manager, Mr. Abou Busso for an interview to shed light on this ground breaking development.

Flex Dan: I first learnt of the distribution deal from a Facebook post by Yuva Abdoulie Fula earlier this week, what is his affiliation to Jizzle’s team?

Mr Abou Busso: He is the one who does the distribution for us [Jizzle Music].

FD: Is this the first for a Gambian Artist?

AB: In the history of Gambia this is the first that we have achieved in the music arena. Looking at other international artist in Africa all of their distribution are done by these people. So getting them on board will be a big success for The Gambia.

FD: What does this mean for Jizzle’s career?

AB: This is huge for Jizzle’s career in the international arena, something like that will add value to our music and to The Gambia.

When asked if Jizzle will now be able to sell his music in other places in the world that he previously didn’t sell his music, Mr Busso responsed that ‘yeah sure that will be a big plus’.

FD: Is the distribution only for digital sales? Are CD sales also part of the deal?

AB: It is for digital and online. CD sales is part of our agreement.

FD: From every dollar of sales how much will go to Jizzle and how much will go to Universal?

AB: For the deal with Universal we [Jizzle Music] have 80% and Universal will get 20%. The deal started from April 1st 2019 to September 30th 2020.

FD: So for every dollar of sales you [Jizzle Music] get 80 cents and Universal gets 20 cents.

AB: Yes this is great for us.

FD: You said that there are other companies which are interested. Can you tell us who they are?

AB: The Plug Inc was interested in continuing our distribution as they were previously doing distribution for us. Neo Music Distribution also showed interest in taking over our distribution. In the end we went with Universal.

FD: When will the official release take place because in Yuva’s post it indicated that ‘official release coming soon’?

AB: Before the end of this month Inshallah because we have already done the documentation.

FD: Is the official release going to take place in Gambia or abroad?

AB: That has not been agreed yet but soon that will be agreed, based on their conditions and our own. By next week we will finalise on that.


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