Gambia Nice


Nice is not nice sad is sad brutal is brutal
Intimidation insults threats beatings and arrest
Rape torture forced-disappearance and murder
Night so dark and impenetrable no one noticed

Mass graduates in all disciplines heeming ataya
With degrees in hand fanning furrno
Employment seen at the furthest galaxy far far away
But will the backway get them there? Who knows!

Gambian nice!

Mandinkas about to be smoked like crack
To satisfy an addiction that’s further deepening
Announced on loudspeakers and TV for all to hear
Interpreted in deferent languages and applauded

Gambia nice!

Sweet memories of big truck jew baa front and center
When dust was kicked in the air forming a blanket of cloud
Dusty choices abundant and there was no going wrong
Ndeysan, balpuserr we miss you and please come back home

Gambian nice!

Cost of living a permanent resident in cloud 10
Too high for marijuana to lift and get you there
Alcohol has no smoke to attempt to elevate you to higher heights
Down to earth you remain to face the full wrath of reality

Gambian nice!

Free healthcare education and benechin
River flowing and washing in prosperity to the shores
Youths happy healthy vibrant and thriving
Prayers answered and fortunes raining from the sky

Belie walie talie Gambia nice!

By Momodou Ndow


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