Gambia: NAMs Adopt Establishment of Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group


Deputies at the National Assembly on Wednesday 4th October 2017, considered and adopted the Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group between the National Assembly of the Gambia and the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China.

The motion to consider and adopt this Parliamentary Friendship Group was moved by Hon. Alhagie Mbow, the member for Upper Saloum Constituency in the National Assembly. Hon. Mbow in his motion said the Gambia and the People’s Republic of China share many things in common despite geographical boundaries; that notable among this was the excellent diplomatic and historic development cooperation between the two countries. With the establishment of an inter-parliamentary friendship group, Hon. Mbow said the two legislative bodies shall further cement these political, diplomatic, cultural, development and other mutual cooperation. This he said shall enhance practical frameworks of cooperation in sharing various diplomatic experiences in key areas of governance, legislative support, technical development assistance and exchange of programs among others; that the two sides will support the other on issues of mutual interest that is both bi and multilateral. Read Full Article Here


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