Gambia: Fuel Prices down only once this year, up again in August


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Since publishing two articles on fuel increases for June and July this year, Gainako’s Flex Dan has finally obtained a complete set of fuel prices in The Gambia for 2019. According to data from Atlas Energy Ltd fuel prices have increased again this August after declining only once this year from June to July.

To ensure uniformity of data sources Fuel prices quoted in these series have all been obtained from Atlas Energy Ltd who Africa Outlook say have “obtained a 30 percent market share in just three years”. In previous Fuel price publications it was reported that fuel companies like Jah Oil sell fuel for a Dalasis less than the market prices stated in these series.

2019 Fuel Chart - Jan to Aug

2019 Fuel Chart – Jan to Sep

Fuel Prices, Jan to Aug 2019

Our first publication on fuel prices highlighted that fuel prices increased by almost two Dalasis from May to June and our second publication highlighted that fuel prices declined by 7% from to June to July. Observing the graph above it can be seen that fuel prices hit their peak in June 2019 and were at their lowest in January.

From July to August Petrol prices have increased by D1.16 GMD per liter meanwhile Diesel prices have increased by D1.08 GMD. Looking at fuel prices from January to August it can be seen that petrol prices have increased by 14.10% (D8.00 GMD) and diesel prices have increased by 5.13% (D2.74 GMD).

Jan to Aug and Jul to Aug Fuel Prices per litre


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