Gambia: Fuel prices drop by 7% for the first time in 2019


By Yusef Taylor, @FlexDan_YT

Fuel prices have dropped for the first time this year by over 8% for petrol and almost 7% for diesel. From the data that Gainako has been able to access, this has been the first fuel price drop since January 2019. Every month the prices of fuel have continued to increase, with fuel prices increasing by over 22% from January to June 2019.

2019 Mar to July Fuel Chart

2019 Mar to July Fuel Chart

The latest prices of petrol in July is 52.65 Gambian Dalasis (GMD) down by almost five GMD from 57.36 GMD in June. For Diesel, the price per litre was 56.17 GMD in June dropping by almost four GMD, to 52.30 GMD in July.

Gainako is aware that some petrol stations are offering cheaper fuel prices. Last month Gainako’s Flex Dan visited fuel stations and learned that Jah Oil sold fuel for 56.36 GMD (petrol) and 55.17 GMD (diesel) in June.


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