The Gambia: Ex-Justice Minister Edward Gomez; the Gambia’s holocaust denier


By Mathew K Jallow

No, I don’t mean the horrendous Nazi atrocities of a half century ago. And it may not be in the grand scale of the tragedies of Auschwitz or Kampala either, but without mincing words, there are parallels to be drawn between what the monster in Hitler and the devil in Idi Amin did so long ago, to what the Kanilai Frankenstein, Yahya Jammeh is doing to our country. What happened in Germany and Uganda decades ago is a microcosm of the hapless ignominy that continues to consume and drag our country into the depths of despair. At least, that is the universal contention of the Gambia’s vocal diaspora media. And they are right. The facts are irrefutable. The evidence is there aplenty in the faces of children growing up without fathers, widowers struggling to put food on the table for their children; the weak, aging fathers, whose sons and daughters will never come home again, and the mothers who mourn the beloved sons and whose gravesites and burial grounds they may Read Full Story 


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  1. You need not be so hash on Mr Gomez, after all Lawyers are by training, if not by nature Hawkish and opportunistic- save for the most fortunate among them . I bet you Mr Gomez does not himself believe a word he says, but for the rent he is extracting from a desperate man, he would be the first to admit that it all in a days work mate!

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